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Hi friends,, this time we will inform friend about the so-called InfoLink can be mounted on the blog friends ......
  Usually often call with the abbreviation "IL" IL = Infolinks,

oh yes, for those of you who until now difficult to obtain a code that can be attached infolink, here are tips on how to register and how ads infolink infolink.

and [there is essentially the info link is similar to the way that is required to register adsense blog articles you have to use English or English Article advance

How to Apply infolinks

Create an English-language blog, bertama of culinary, kids, finance, sports, lifestyle, business, manga, news sites, short stories. health, sports, computer, automotive, education, recreation, entertainment or klo not have, just translate your blog posts into English, and paste in a new blog.

Go to site infolinks

click on Join us now!

How to Register Info Link:

  1. Website URL: browse your blog address English
  2. Website language: English aja (I do not know this already support indo or not)
  3. Salutation & first name: first name
  4. Last name: Your last name
  5. Email: Your email
  6. Password: password may be different from the same email .. but it should be remembered well jangn forget
  7. Password confirmation: re-enter the password above
  8. Comments: kosongin ajah
  9. Read approval (if you want to reply not want lanjuut !!)
  10. Tick all options
  11. Verification with the inscription underneath contents
  12. Continue

After that you will be taken to another page where there is a script continues infolinks put COPY SCRIPT IN THE BLOG YOUR ENGLISH.

How to Advertise Infolink:

1. Log in to blogger »login» Dashboard »Draft» Edit HTML
2. Find </ body>
3. Place the script from last infolinks above </ body>.

Then how, why the ad is not appearing? please wait until there will be a notice of Info Link. Normally it will take 2-3 days.

If you've got a letter from the info link please login to your account. and grab the code and post it in the blog Indonesian.

For payment methods infolinks provide alternative Byk, tp which palinng kang salman like is supporting via Paypal

PO minimum is $ 50, but do not worry, it's not the number that is difficult to achieve, given the price of one-click ads alone range between $ 0.05 s / d 1.12 or even more than the value of clicks depending on what keywords visitors clicked.

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