Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

In order to accelerate the realization of civil servants are professional, productive and accountable, the needed fundamental changes to the remuneration system in force. Servants remuneration system should be based on "merit system". The main principle of merit-based remuneration system is determining the amount of remuneration should be based on performance, the weight of the job (the job value) and rank (grade) each position. The weight or value of position and rank positions acquired or established through a process called Job Evaluation.


The purpose of the Job Evaluation Preparation activities, among others:

  1. Carry out an assessment / evaluation of the structural and functional positions according to the rules and principles of job evaluation.
  2. Develop job weight / value position (job value) and ranking position / class positions (job grade / job class) corresponding to the structure and working procedures of the organization and job analysis.
  3. Produce documents Job Evaluation as the basis of a remuneration / reward fairly, based on performance and positions carried.


Output (output) Preparation of Job Evaluation Job Evaluation is a document containing the results of the assessment / evaluation of the factors and weights work position / value position (job value) and rank (grade) each position.


The results (outcomes) Preparation of Job Evaluation will be used as the material for, among others:

  1. The basis for calculating the evaluation and remuneration of civil servants accountable.
  2. The certainty of a fair and equal remuneration for work on the basis of the weight of the apparatus of civil servants.
  3. Reward and punishment of the reward.

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