Playing in the Square is the Lake City

Playing in the Square is the Lake City  Tasikmalaya City - play concept is a concept that is not easy to pin down people often hear the word play even they often do games, but they are often not able to play menpunyai definition.
But here I will only play mambahas take the time to refresh the brain, the mind of all, as we struggle with daily activities were not stopped

and this time I was playing with Qiqi papah my husband and my two children in the main town square tasikmalaya with a full address at Jl. Otto Iskandardinata, Empangsari, Tawang, Tasikmalaya, West Java 46 113

Keep in mind that what is meant by playing according to me is simple really is the meaning of the play is to do something with the intention of pleasing Playing is kkegiatan carried out repeatedly for pleasure because of his playing time is quite long, and all the children performed a pleasure

According to Piaget (2010: 138) games as a medium that enhance the cognitive development of children. The game allows children to practice the competencies and skills required in a relaxed and enjoyable. instance when I took my husband and son Adrian and alinda to the main town square tasikmalaya indeed a very cool and comfortable and highly recommended to invite families

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