Pangandaran beach 09 July 2016

If talking about Pangandaran Beach would appear our mind is the beach, and of course pangandaran already known tourist beaches, not only by the people of Indonesia of course also by foreign nationals.

indeed the beach in Pangandaran has a beautiful panorama and interesting, and bagin our family is dijawa west coast tourist area renowned as a gathering place for our rich domestic travelers and foreign tourists nih hehe yes on holidays or special moments like Turn of the year or Eid direction and location of Pangandaran beach in the village Pananjung pangandaran districts and if you are there on the way ciamis must necessarily be to the south about 92 km

there are a variety of shore excursions are fun you can also enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset that will amaze the eyes swim safely because the beach ramps and also enjoy the marine park and to get to the location you are made easy with paved streets that are already equipped with good lighting and can accessed by a number of existing transportation, many residents spend vacation time with his family, relatives, friends up with a pair each. because we with family

certainly on the way home we also made a stop at pamayangsari and the waves here are very large indeed

certainly on the way home we also made a stop at pamayangsari and the waves here are very large indeed

as the info for you there is also a tourist in Pangandaran bebarapa

  1. Coral Coast nini
  2. Cikang Taneuh (Green canyon)
  3. Nature Reserves Pananjung
  4. Curug Bojong
  5. Pangandaran beach
  6. Citumang Pangandaran
  7. Keusik beach Luhur
  8. Santirah River Tubing
  9. Saung Muara
  10. pangandaran Water Park
  11. Pantai Batu Karas
  12. Pantai Batu Hiu
  13. Tourism Village Salasari
  14. Coral Coast Tirta
  15. Goa wells Mudal
  16. Mada beach sari
  17. beach Karapyak

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