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Health Benefits of Mangosteen for Health

Health Benefits of Mangosteen for Health

Benefits of Mangosteen Skin for Health    - which has the Latin name Garcinia mangostana L belongs to the family Clusiaceae and the mangosteen is known as Queen fruit or its queen of fruit and its king is durian . Fruit with pait seeds and sweet meat are widely used in health fields such as treat diseases and affairs beauty is like combining the skin to keep it smooth

Mangosteen has a white flesh with a slightly fibrous meat texture, it tastes very sweet and refreshing because it contains a lot of water, but who would have thought the most benefit in fruit mangosteen is on the skin of the fruit and the skin mangosteen fruit has become popular because based on research so many health benefits.

This mangosteen skin stores so many nutrients such as vitamin C, besides that there are also Xamthone compounds which have more than 10 types of hereditary compounds, each of which is useful to prevent, fight or treat various types of chronic diseases. Antioxidants are very strong in the skin efficacious as an energy booster when our body is exhausted.

Benefits of mangosteen rind 

Treating thrush

The content of vitamin C in the mangosteen also works to cure thrush. how to treat thrush how to by preparing the skin of the fruit of 2 mangosteen fruit that is washed and has been cut into pieces first. then boil the mangosteen peel with 3 cups of water until the size is reduced by 50 percent. let it cool after cool, strain the stew and make it to rinse.

Overcoming Diarrhea
In the Philippines the mangosteen fruit is very popular. Philippine people usually use the mangosteen leaf decoction and skin to overcome various types of disease symptoms such as, lowering body temperature during fever, dysentery, thrush, overcoming diarrhea, to urinary disorders.

Anti cancer
The content of xanthones in the skin and mangosteen is anti-proliferation and apoptosis, namely, effective to inhibit growth while destroying cancer cells.

Preventing Heart Disease
Mangosteen fruit also contains a number of minerals such as copper, manganese and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cells and body fluids to help control heart rate, and blood pressure. Thus, it means that the mangosteen fruit offers protection against super dangerous stroke and coronary heart disease.

Rejuvenate the skin
Especially for women, you definitely love the benefits of mangosteen rind that makes you more youthful. The content of anti-oxidants in it can prevent premature aging and regenerate skin cells. Even those of you who have various skin diseases.
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Foods That Can Eliminate Toxins in Our Body

Foods That Can Eliminate Toxins in Our Body

Unwittingly the food consumed also contains many poisons that come from dust and pollution Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins, both from outside the body and from inside the body. From the food we eat, we can get poisons, from the remnants of metabolism or the functions performed by the body
In addition, the habit of using certain products such as cosmetics, home cleaning products and others are also very risky. Without realizing all these products contain poisons that can be absorbed by the body and are certainly very dangerous for health. which is very dangerous for the body.

This depends on our lifestyle. If we live a healthy lifestyle, the toxins in the body also will not accumulate and cause disease. But on the other hand, there is air pollution and erratic weather that makes the body exposed to many free radicals. For that, the body needs antioxidants / detoxification in order to expel free radicals and poisons from the body
For this reason, detoxification is needed to help remove toxins from the body. The body needs to rest for a while to cleanse itself.

Spinach ;
Spinach can treat anemia, increase metabolism and immunity, and make bones stronger, and others. Spinach can also detoxify the entire body by removing harmful toxins in our body
Don't be surprised if Mr. Popeye in the Popeye cartoon series The Sailor Man is very fond of drinking a can of spinach. In fact, spinach is a 'super' food that can make the body stronger. Not only that, spinach can also treat anemia, increase metabolism or immunity, and can detoxify the body while removing harmful toxins.

Garlic ;
Since ancient times, garlic is believed to be an antibiotic for the body that can prevent dangerous diseases. Not only that, the chemical compounds in it which are known as allicin substances can filter out toxins, especially from the digestive system, thus making us stay healthy.

Many foods use garlic as a condiment. Garlic can actually prevent dangerous diseases and nutritional content can cleanse toxins in the body. The allicin compound in garlic can filter out toxins so that it keeps the body safe and healthy.

Broccoli ;
If you don't like vegetables, especially broccoli, you should think again. Broccoli is the best food to expel toxins from the body, because antioxidants are high.

These vegetables are often not liked by adults and children. And if you are good at processing it, broccoli has a very delicious taste. Not only that, these green vegetables also have important benefits for health, one of which is to help the body release toxins and have high antioxidant content.
and the most very powerful so that your body is always fit you can drink WHITE WATER

Our body contains 80% water, so we certainly need water to help the body carry out its functions. When you drink, you actually not only quench your thirst, but also help remove toxins from the bodY;

When you want to remove toxins from the body, you may need more water than usual recommendations
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is enough to provide water for the body, but you need to increase your water consumption when you do detoxification. However, the water needs of each person varies depending on gender and body size. A person's fluid needs will also increase as he does more physical activity.
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20 Health Benefits of Ciplukan / Cecenet for Health

20 Health Benefits of Ciplukan / Cecenet for Health

  20 Benefits of Ciplukan / Cecenet Fruits for Health - Who doesn't know fruit plumps ? This fruit tastes sweet-sour , green-yellow , and is wrapped in thin skin. Fruit ciplukan was once underestimated and known as a wild plant, had no sale value, and was considered a weed. But ............

Ciplukan fruit also saves a myriad of benefits for health. The benefits of ciplukan fruits start from increasing body immunity, to preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Various nutrients contained in ciplukan fruits, such as vitamin C , vitamin A , tiamin , riboflavin , polifenol niacin , iron , and phosphor , can support and maintain health .
Ciplukan has a Latin name Physalis angulata L  This plant is widely grown in gardens, fields, roadsides, bushes, or forests. Ciplukan has different names in each region. The fruit is known by the name morel berry in England , cepentu in Java , shredded in Sundanese , slipped in Bali , and curses in Minahasa.

Ciplukan contains chlorogenic acid, citrum and fissal acid > . This fruit also contains nutrients such as malic acid, alkaloids, tannins, cryptoxanthines, vitamin C and sugar, and elaidic acid. </ b>

Content in Ciplukan Fruit

- Rich in Antioxidants

Ciplukan is one of the fruits that contains antioxidants which is quite high, which plays an active role in overcoming disease hepatitis, malaria , rheumatism, dermatitis, asthma, to cancer.
Ethanol in ciplukan fruit contains antioxidants which can protect and repair cell damage in the body due to free radicals. A study states that anticancer </ u> in ciplukan fruit should not be ignored.

Although small in size, the fruit ciplukan contains phenolic compounds that can fight the development of breast cancer cells and colon cancer.

According to research results from University of Bonn in Germany , the benefits of ciplukan for this cancer is no less effective than other fruits, such as oranges.

- Vitamins

Fruit ciplukan is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin D to vitamin K . The content is certainly very good for health.

Vitamin A in the fruit plump which can improve eyesight and nourish the eyes . fruit ciplukan also contains substances lutein, beta carotene, and carotenoids which can prevent it from macular degeneration . Macular degeneration is a major cause of blindness in the elderly. Carotenoid substances in this small fruit are also able to prevent the risk of some eye disorders .
Vitamin C in fruit ciplukan is believed to be able to maintain a healthy body. Vitamin C is able to prevent several diseases, such as heartburn. In addition, vitamins C and D in this one fruit are also useful for beauty .

In addition, the content of vitamin K in the fruit of ciplukan serves to maintain bone health, maintain healthy skin, and maintain blood pressure to remain nomal. In fact, vitamin K can cause a decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease.

20 Benefits of Ciplukan Fruit for Health

ciplukan fruit easily found in bushes, rice fields, gardens or yards. This fruit has a small size but has a myriad of health benefits for the body Here are the benefits of ciplukan fruit that are rarely known:

  1. Prevents cancer
  2. Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease
  3. Prevents strokes
  4. Overcoming high blood pressure
  5. Improve eye health
  6. Overcoming inflammation
  7. Treating rheumatism
  8. Boosts the immune system
  9. Strengthen bones
  10. Protect the liver and kidneys
  11. Good for pregnant women and fetal development
  12. Help overcome diabetes
  13. Cure the flu and cough
  14. Helps with lung disease
  15. Asthma medicine
  16. Treating skin diseases
  17. Reduce heat from fever
  18. Treating breast cancer
  19. Maintaining skin health
  20. Prevents premature aging
To get the benefits of pluck , consume ripe or orange-colored fruit. Avoid consume ciplukan fruit which is still raw , because it can increase the risk of indigestion, cramps, and diarrhea.

Although it has a variety of benefits that are good for health, if you have certain medical conditions, it is advisable to consult a doctor first before consuming ciplukan fruit.

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