my child again to learn typing

No fad fad children's book I'm diajarin how typing
These results are quite,,,, hopefully tomorrow you smarter again
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typed by adrian Fahrizal m
learn typing is very easy, because typing is an activity that we used to do let alone our day to day work in front of computers

learning to type is everyone's dream course with proficient typing ten fingers work related to the computer will be faster especially a blogger and admin who daily have to work on the definite article with typing speed to start to learn typing 10 finger of course we have to know first keyboard with a finger that might taken lightly by us, as we already know or would be able to adapt very quickly typing ten fingers

Put your fingers on the keyboard exactly like the picture below.

1. Left Hand

  1. Pinky: Letter Q, A, Z | Figures 1 | Button Tab, Caps lock, Shift, Ctrl. 
  2. Finger Sweet: Letter W, S, X | Figures 2, 3
  3. Middle Finger: Letter E, D, C | Figures 4
  4. Telunjuk: Letter R, F, V T, G, B | Figures 5, 6
  5. Thumb: Space and Alt.

2. Right Hand
  1. Telunjuk: Letter Y, H, N - U, J, M | Figures 7, 8.
  2. Middle Finger: The letters I, K, Koma buttons (,).
  3. Finger Sweet: Letter O, L, signs dot (.) | Figures 9
  4. Pinky: Letter P, semicolon (;), slash (/) | Score 0 | and so the buttons of his right hand.
  5. Thumb: Space and Alt.
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