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Social media (often misinterpreted as social media) is an online media, with its users able to easily participate, share and create content on blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and the virtual world. Blogs, social networking, and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people throughout the joey wat
This is no longer the time for us to do hobbies just for ourselves. It doesn't hurt, you know, to publish our hobbies.
Who knows after that we can make this hobby a profession. One way to publicize a hobby is through social media.
Thus for those of you who like social media, then you can try to pursue a number of professions that can make you rich;
If previously there was only YouTuber and Celebrity, who would have thought Blogger is a promising profession for you who is active in social media. This blogger can help you in making money with a variety of ads that are displayed then based on the number of visitors who come you can get money. Even blogger income can reach hundreds of millions of Rupiah per year.

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